Genome Editing System Technology: Applications in the Modern World
20 june 2024
International online conference
Purpose of the Conference
The relevance of the conference topic is due to the rapid development of molecular genetics and the genetic technologies created by it. Targeted genome editing using programmable nucleases has quickly taken a leading position among genome modification technologies and is used in many countries around the world. Today, there are three main systems for targeted genome editing: zinc finger nucleases, TALE nucleases and CRISPR/CAS nucleases. Potential benefits of human genome editing include faster and more accurate diagnosis, more targeted treatments, and prevention of genetic diseases. In Russia, special attention is paid to genetic technologies within the framework of national projects. Modern genomic technologies make it possible to treat diseases that were previously considered incurable and contribute to the development of a personalized approach to diagnosing the disease and treating the patient, taking into account the individual characteristics of his genome.

At the moment, the world has accumulated significant experience in the use of gene-editing technologies for the treatment and prevention of genetic diseases, vector-borne and viral infections, but further development is hampered by both technical and ethical problems. The task of the international expert community and government agencies is to ensure the smooth integration of genome editing methods into the life of society, without allowing significant social upheaval.

The conference program will be of interest not only to scientific specialists engaged in fundamental and applied research in the field of targeted genome editing, but also to clinicians for using scientific achievements in their practical work.

The conference is held in support of the development of modern molecular biological technologies with the participation of the world-class Center for Genomic Research to ensure biological safety and technological independence (Agreement of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation No. 075-15-2019-1666 of October 31, 2019).

Considering the high social and scientific-practical significance of the event, we invite you to take part in the International Conference “Genome Editing System Technology: Areas of Application in the Modern World”
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